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Clinical Sophistication

Unfortunately, most private ambulance providers have little incentive to invest in the latest technology, often diverting funds for advancement to shareholder profits. MedicOne Medical Response has committed to setting a new standard for the EMS industry. Since its inception, MedicOne Medical Response has maintained cutting edge technology that even most tax payer supported municipal agencies lack. MedicOne Medical Response technologies includes:

  • State-of-the-Art Newer Ambulance Fleet
  • Stryker Power Cots
  • Power Load Systems
  • 12-Lead Bi-Phasic Defi brillators
  • Transport Ventilators
  • Dispatched via Advanced Computer Aided Dispatch System.
  • Mobile Data Terminals
  • All Ambulances are Satellite Tracked using Automatic Vehicle Locator Technology
  • All Ambulances have “Black-Box” On-Board Video/ Audio Recording Systems
  • All Electronic Patient Care Reports utilizing Panasonic Toughbooks
  • Paramedic Response Vehicles
  • Highly Trained and Well Compensated Staff 


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