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Job Title Operations Manager*
Location Nashville, TN*
*Position is based out of Nashville, TN
Department Operations
FLSA Status Exempt
Shifts hiring Full-time

TITLE: Operations Manager
ORGANIZATION: Field Operations
SUPERVISED BY: Director of Operations
EMPLOYEES SUPERVISED: All employees in Field Operations. Direct supervision over Field Supervisors. Direct & indirect supervision of all other Field Operations personnel.

SUMMARY DISCRIPTION: Will serve as assistant to the Director of Operations to perform those duties as assigned. Serves as manager of the Field Operations Department with lineauthority over all personnel therein. Responsible for budget preparations as it pertains to jurisdiction.


  • Manages the activities of the respective Field Operations Department.
  • Ensures that assigned personnel are fully informed of company policies, local procedures and other information pertinent to their jobs.
  • Reviews and acts upon, as necessary, all incident, deviation/exception, and other reports within his jurisdiction. Acts upon reports from the Field Operations Department.
  • Keeps current on events affecting his/her area of responsibility: accidents, injuries, breaches of policy, inter agency relations, morale, newsworthy events, and superior/poor performance by field personnel.
  • Responsible for reviewing performance evaluations of field personnel and providing input into the appraisal process.
  • Assists the Supervisors in administering discipline and counseling to achieve a desired result. May carry out discipline up to and suspension. May only terminate employees with HR & Director of Operations approval and consultation.
  • Prepares budget recommendations for salaries and equipment within his jurisdiction.
  • Required to operate department within assigned budget.
  • Responsible for a working knowledge of all equipment within his jurisdiction.
  • Must attend scheduled and called meetings.
  • Reviews Equipment Failure reports for accuracy and completeness.
  • Assists the Education and Training Department in orientation and other continuing
    education programs as they pertain to this position.
  • Responsible for adequate staffing in the Field Operations Department according to Unit Hour Utilization (UHU) and planned budgets
  • May act as a liaison for Director of Operations by attending meetings with allied agencies.
  • Recommends policy to the Director of Operations and/or Senior Administration.
  • Other duties as directed by Director of Operations or administration.


  • Bachelors Degree in Business related field in addition to 4-6 years experience in specific mid-level Management.
  • Experience in Microsoft Access, Word, Excel amd Powerpoint.
  • Experience leading and managing large groups of personnel. 
  • Must have strong knowledge and experience of operations specific to an ambulance company.
  • Must be flexible in work schedule to meet the demands of the company.
  • Must reside within service area and be available to respond to system status overload situations as requested by the Control Center and Director of Operations.


  • Ability to exercise authority (within given limits) with logic and consistency.
  • Ability to objectively and accurately evaluate performance of subordinates.
  • Knowledge of matters of employee health, safety, and mindful of loss control.
  • Knowledge of local, regional, and state laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to EMS and ambulance operations.
  • Ability to delegate effectively.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Ability to administer discipline and counsel employees effectively to, achieve a desired result.
  • Ability to minimize stress by identifying problems before they occur and effectively dealing with stressful situations that do occur.
  • Ability to function as Field Supervisor if necessary.
  • Advanced knowledge of business, management, and fiscal skills.
  • Demonstrates ability to implement these skills.
  • Basic computer literacy required.
  • Must score a level on an established test of general intelligence consistent with a management position.
  • The profile must show that the individual can perform with management potential.
  • Gathers information, analyzes it and makes decisions from a limited number of choices.
  • Able to learn from on-the-job experiences and draw inferences from diverse sources.
  • Able to interpret instructions and understand implications using a broad background of knowledge and experience.
  • Able to draw inferences and set up effective solutions when unexpected problems arise on the job.
  • Able to plan and coordinate logistics in an efficient and cost effective manner.
  • Able to communicate opinions, observations, and conclusions such that they are understood.
  • Ability to influence groups to both accomplish tasks and fulfill the needs of their members.
  • Knows the key concepts and variables that define the ambulance industry (e.g., critical issues, economic vulnerabilities, measurements, information sources).
  • Knows the strategy, structure, power networks, financial position, and systems of MedicOne.
  • Intellectual versatility. Recognizing, exploring, and using a broad range of ideas and practices. Thinking logically and creatively without undue influence from personal biases. Relationship versatility. Adjusting behavior in order to establish relationships across a broad range of people and groups.
  • Able to serve as an effective role model for subordinates.
  • Ability to negotiate effectively and efficiently

Note – This job description is dynamic and subject to change by administration at any time without notice or consultation of employee.


The information provided in this description is designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by incumbents within this position. It is not to be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all duties, responsibilities, qualifications and working conditions required of employees assigned to this position. MedicOne Medical Response has the sole discretion to add or modify the duties of the position and to designate other functions at any time. This position description is not an employment agreement or contract.

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