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Job Title Paramedic Supervisor*
Location Memphis, TN*
*Position is based out of Memphis, TN
Department Operations
FLSA Status Non-Exempt

Job Title

Assistant Field Supervisor


Dallas, TX



FLSA Status


Reports To: Operations Supervisor, Operations Manager, Director of Operations 
Exemption Status : Non-Exempt 

Summary of Duties: 
The Assistant Field Supervisor will serve as assistant and relief to Operations Supervisor. The  Assistant  Operations Supervisor is a full time field EMS provider that serves as a management  representative in the field.


  1. Oversees task performance of those assigned and makes or approves all decisions requiring interpretation of clinical delivery and company policies.
  2. Monitors performance of crew members and peers, corrects errors as necessary, and provides training and feedback.
  3. Evaluates performance of crew-members and peers and submits written and verbal reports as required or requested. They can perform audit and inspection duties usually done by Field Supervisor, i.e., check reports, perform diagnosis coding, issue supplies, sign off manifest, inspect vehicles and stations, etc.
  4. As a management representative in the field, s/he has the duty to advise, assist or offer service to other co-workers and positions with authority to influence the decisions made by peers. Field Operations Supervisor cannot issue corrective action. S/he may issue informal counseling as needed. Corrective action may only be issued by Operations Supervisor or higher.
  5. Represents the company to outside organizations, agencies, facilities, and at special events as assigned.
  6. Must attend Operations staff meetings and other specified meetings required by the Operations Department.
  7. Serves as a leader and role-model when responding to emergency and non-emergency calls and delivers high quality patient care and customer service within the prescribed scope of practice, established protocols, and company policies. 8. Assists the Field Supervisor with station and shift duties when time permits or when the Field Supervisor is over-burdened with these tasks.
  8. Assists the Field Supervisor with station and shift duties when time permits or when the Field Supervisor is over-burdened with these tasks.
  9. Assists the Education and Training Department in orientation and other continuing education programs.
  10. Adheres to job description of Field Supervisor when functioning in that capacity.
  11. Adheres to job description of EMT-P and EMS-Driver when serving as Assistant Field Supervisor.
  12. Additional duties designated by Operations Supervisor, Operations Manager, Director of Operations &/or Sr. administration.



  1. Must have a thorough knowledge of company policies and procedures and be able to interpret these for others.
  2. Must demonstrate ability to solve unusual problems and give precise direction.
  3. Must have above average teaching and motivational abilities.
  4. Must have above average ability to work cooperatively, courteously, and professionally with co-workers, customers, the public, and governmental agencies in an often demanding environment.
  5. Must have above average knowledge of local, regional, state and federal laws, rules and regulations pertaining to EMS and ambulance operations.
  6. Ability to counsel employees effectively to achieve a desired result.
  7. Ability to gain respect from others rather than demanding it
  8. Ability to counsel co-workers by assessing personal competencies, values, and goals, and identifying and planning for development.
  9. Ability to serve as an instructor by presenting information and directing structured learning experiences so that individuals learn.



  1. NREMT-P or NREMT and State License.
  2. Minimum 6 months active experience as prehospital ALS provider with the company.
  3. Must be flexible in work schedule to meet the demands of the company.
  4. Must be available for recall in extraordinary situations to function as Assistant Field Supervisor or
  5. Field Supervisor. If you plan to be unreachable, you must request permission from the
  6. Operations Supervisor.
  7. Assistant Field Supervisor must work primarily in the Field Operations Department.



Must meet the physical requirements listed in the Core Job Functions and Qualifications Standards for Field Operations Personnel as outlined in the Standard Operating Procedures manual.

Note – This job description is dynamic and subject to change by administration at any time 
 without notice or consultation of employee.


The information provided in this description is designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by incumbents within this position. It is not to be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all duties, responsibilities, qualifications and working conditions required of employees assigned to this position. MedicOne Medical Response has the sole discretion to add or modify the duties of the position and to designate other functions at any time. This position description is not an employment agreement or contract.



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